Lend a Different Kind of Hand

When was the last time you helped someone out?

When I ask this question, what comes to mind? Mowing a neighbor’s lawn? Bringing a pot of soup to a sick friend? Babysitting kids so a couple can have a date night? Volunteering at an animal shelter?

We live in a busy world, our daily schedules often jamb packed with our own list of “to-do’s” so the idea of carving out extra time to help someone else can feel overwhelming or nigh on to impossible.

But what if helping out could mean something different? We all spend a lot of time on our computers and smartphones, doing all manner of things. What about taking just a moment or two to:

  • Text a friend whom you haven’t talked to in a while to say, “You came to mind today – hope all is well!”
  • Check in by phone with a sick friend and offer a word of encouragement.
  • Drop an email to someone in your office to say thanks for being a great co-worker.
  • Message an old friend on Facebook, just to say hello.

Just as surely as radio waves connect cell phone callers, when we connect positive mental and emotional energy to others – even for a few minutes – we send out love and compassion to them. And, that connection greatly benefits both receiver and caller.

Recent studies have shown that when people volunteer time or energy to a good cause, feelings of well being increase, depression eases and life feels generally more satisfying.

I think that offering even small moments of care for others is a very good cause. Don’t you?

I challenge you to offer up – with intention – an encouragement to just one person each day. Be creative in your communications! Observe how you feel.

If each of us did this with conscious knowing, imagine how much love and compassion would permeate our days!



Author: Plynn Gutman

Plynn Gutman is a certified coach with a refreshing and holistic approach to achieving an Integrated Life. Specialized retreats, workshops and classes are all a part of Plynn’s wide array of resources that she offers along with useful life lessons, tips and advice through her blog. A writer at heart, with several titles available, Plynn's variety of work appeals to everyone.

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