If you have surfed this website, you can see that I am a person of many interests and passions ~ author and teacher, certified professional coach, Reiki Master, retreat facilitator, cooking enthusiast, animal lover, ongoing student of life, devoted wife and mother. I wear several hats, sometimes one on top of the other!

As diverse as these may seem, in fact, together they bring a unique richness of experience to all that I do and have been integral to helping me achieve a satisfying, happy and balanced life.

Developing awareness of what is important to me has been key to my journey toward wholeness. Let me tell you how seeking personal awareness has helped me.

Writing, specifically journaling, has been part of my life for the past forty years. My journal is the place I plan, complain, chronicle, dream, create and allow whatever else wants to have voice on the page. Stories and poems began to emerge from my journal over the years and, as my love of writing deepened, I decided to pursue a formal education in Creative Writing, was inspired to facilitate workshops around the world on personal awareness through writing and eventually wrote a book, Your Journal Companion, on the subject. Journaling, with all its manifestations, continues to be part of my self-discovery and self-care practice to this day.

Of the past forty years, twenty were spent as the CFO and co-owner (with my husband, Michael) of a construction company. My career was rewarding and consuming, building a successful business and raising two active sons. I wrote my way through the highs and lows of that time, gaining great understanding of how work affects personal life, how personal life affects work, and the very precarious balance between the two. I discovered that, for me, balance was sorely lacking, and trying to do everything and be everything to everybody took its toll on my health.

After much writing and reflection, by 2001 I realized that my career was not the right path to take me to my best self. With my husband’s support and blessing, I resigned from the company to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Religious Studies at Arizona State University (2005), and then further to earn a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA (2008), which birthed two books: a food memoir about my maternal grandmother, The Work of Her Hands: A Prairie Woman’s Life in Remembrances and Recipes, and a few years later a personal memoir about a darling duck I raised, My Son Dave: A Story About Loving and Letting Go.

Studying a subject I loved breathed life back into my being. During that time I also began using several, gentle yet powerful, energetic healing modalities in pursuit of rebuilding my health. The benefits were profound and felt so natural to me that I decided to learn the techniques myself. Over a period of several years, I became certified in numerous methods, such as chakra reading/balancing, reflexology and Cranial/Sacral balancing, and became a Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Specialist. A healthy, balanced, body energy system is vital to creating positive change. I am living proof of its benefits and have witnessed significant body/mind improvements in many friends, colleagues and clients over the years.

In 2011, my sister and business partner Elaine Kinney and I, launched “Your Liminal Space” which offers self-awareness retreats around the world. Clients have the opportunity to step out of their everyday lives and into a nurturing, private environment to take a deep look at what is and isn’t working well for them in their careers, relationships or any other aspect of life that is challenging or on the verge of change. We guide individual and group activities, offer private counseling, coaching and energy work to aid our retreat guests in discovering new ways to move their lives forward with grace and ease.

During this period, I also formalized my love for helping others by obtaining my coaching certification after 30 years of professional and practical experience, working with and mentoring others. Having served as the spiritual director for a weekly women’s group for a number of years and as teacher and director for the Young Adult Writing Project, an ASU summer writing program for 8th through 12th Grade students for 8 years, as well a managing human resources in my own company and guiding many of my sons’ friends, both young women and men, into adulthood, coaching was a natural choice for me.

My life transition did not come easily and had many iterations over the years but I followed my heart, opened my awareness and came to discover meaning and purpose that would nurture me, as well as others.

Today I work with clients around the world, focusing on their individual desires and goals while discovering how to best facilitate the aspects of living an Integrated Life. I use all the tools and experiences that have helped me along the way ~ individual sessions, retreat time, energy work, writing … the list goes on, and we do what You need to do to get you where you want to go!

It would be my privilege to accompany you on your unique journey to self-awareness and change. I’m here when you are ready to begin!


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