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At Your Liminal Space my colleague, Elaine Kinney, and I create the time, care and space to sit on the threshold between the concerns of your outer world ~ relationships, work, health ~ and your inner world ~ thoughts, feelings, emotions ~ to examine both aspects sincerely, expand awareness, and consider new ways to navigate the issues unique to your life.

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Have a day-long to week-long workshop or retreat for your group of 6 to 12 people custom designed for you and friends, family, work colleagues or couples.

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Our unique and dynamic holistic approach includes private counseling/coaching, energy sessions, group discussions, writing, movement, nature walks, art, and meditation.

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You will explore new perspectives and discover self-care tools to implement successfully at home.

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We hold no religious affiliation and purport no single school of thought. Our intention is to support each individual to attain their highest good and to offer life-affirming ways to move forward with confidence and ease.

Plynn Gutman, MFA, a Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Master, and journaling teacher, has used her multifaceted expertise over the last fifteen years to enhance the journey inward to personal discovery, healing and creative expression of Self.




Elaine Kinney, M.A., a counselor for individuals, couples, families, and groups, has been in private practice for eighteen years in four countries (UAE, USA, Qatar and China). Her multidisciplinary and multicultural approach facilitates the discovery of each individual’s uniqueness and potential.



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