Animal Reiki

Reiki for Animal Care and Communication

Reiki is an intelligent form of energy that seeks to balance the delicate energy systems of humans and animals, administered and guided by persons trained and certified in this healing modality. It can ~

  • Calm the nervous system
  • Help reduce all forms of stress
  • Lessen pain symptoms

Plynn also uses Reiki energy as a gateway to communicating with her animal clients to relay information to their people. As a Certified Professional Coach, she is schooled in relationship dynamics that affect all beings, which brings a unique clarity to her sessions.

In addition to offering body system balancing and comfort, Plynn has worked successfully on altering behaviors, as well as guiding animals and their people through the end-of-life process.

Give your animal companions the gift of gentle Reiki as complimentary care to all the other supportive things you do to make their lives happy and comfortable.

Sessions can be done in person or, most often, remotely so your furry friends can feel relaxed and at ease in their own environment. Plynn finds that, due to an animal’s sensitive energy system, several short visits are most helpful and productive.

Cost: $100 per hour

One hour broken into 4 – 15 minute sessions or 3 – 20 minute sessions, depending on the animal client’s receptivity and the nature of the issue. And, each incremental session includes a written report of findings and helpful information for you as their person.

Call or email Plynn for a complimentary conversation about your animal friends and their needs.

Testimonial ~ Thanks to the intuitive Reiki provided by Plynn, the final stage of our beloved dog Oscar’s life was the sweetest of all. She helped bring us even closer by opening a pathway for deeper understanding and heart connection. After Oscar’s sessions with Plynn, I noticed that he was more relaxed and comfortable, and undoubtedly improved the quality of his elder years. They might even have lengthened it. When it came time for Oscar to journey onward, Plynn gently guided us through that transition too. It was harder on us than on him, but she helped make the journey bearable and beautiful. ~ M. Williams