The Power of Our Words!

I have had a great deal develop in my life recently. Many wonderful opportunities have begun to manifest, and I find that my days are full – and richly so. I couldn’t be happier.

But in the midst of my burgeoning schedule, I have found myself saying quite often, “I am so busy” or “ I am really busy.” Soon, something about the word “busy” started to feel wrong in my vocabulary. “Busy” sounds scattered and frenetic, preoccupied and hectic to me.

A look at the dictionary confirmed my feeling. It says busy means, “occupied, full of bustle, not free, unavailable to use.” Its synonyms are “full, eventful, demanding, hard, tiring, hectic.”

What I am experiencing in my life is none of that! So I decided that I would not attach the word “busy” or the energy of “busyness” to these developments in my life. Instead I am choosing to embrace my new opportunities with a more appropriate word.

It is my intention to no longer say that I am really busy, but instead say, “I am deeply engaged in life right now.”

To be “engaged” is to be involved, engrossed, participating, to be betrothed (I particularly like the word, “betrothed”) to the experiences of my life.

Oh, the power of words we speak! For me, when I say that I am engaged I feel like I am bringing to my new experiences my attention, my love, my enthusiasm, my excitement. And I am!

Do I have moments when life feels hectic? Of course, but my greater intention, my focus is on the positive attributes of how my life is manifesting, and being “engaged” definitely fits my focus.

I invite you to think about the words you use to describe your life, yourself. If you find negative words coming first, consider how you can reframe your experiences with words that reflect the positive qualities of your experiences.

A side note: When I share with someone that I am deeply engaged in life, rather than that I am super busy, I always get a nice, big smile.

Many blessings,  Plynn

Author: Plynn Gutman

Plynn Gutman is a certified coach with a refreshing and holistic approach to achieving an Integrated Life. Specialized retreats, workshops and classes are all a part of Plynn’s wide array of resources that she offers along with useful life lessons, tips and advice through her blog. A writer at heart, with several titles available, Plynn's variety of work appeals to everyone.

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