Plynn has helped me in so many ways, with stress management through her energy work and as a personal wellness coach. She knows exactly what I need for a particular session. I feel much more balanced and at peace in my life. I am very thankful to have her as my coach.


Plynn is an amazing writing coach. She inspires me to write from the heart and soul. Her writing techniques make the process fun instead of hard and dreadful. She is encouraging and passionate about writing which spills over to others. Plynn is a very talented editor and offers just the right feedback when editing my work.


I am living my life again thanks to Plynn! She is so encouraging and easy to talk with. Her approach is very proactive and every session was fulfilling. I am doing things that I never thought I’d do because of Plynn’s coaching, and it’s wonderful!


I have worked with Plynn Gutman for several years, and there is no other person whose heart and judgment I trust more completely than hers. Plynn’s counsel is sound, and her intuition is spot on. She brings outstanding interpersonal qualities and well-developed practical skills to each coaching situation. I have referred friends and colleagues to Plynn and always know they are in good hands.

Kristen L

The process of working with Plynn is powerful. Through the art of listening and reflection, she helps me clarify my innermost thoughts, needs and goals. Further, she assists in developing a plan and provides support for its execution. The take away of a session or more with Plynn is greater peace, purpose, and capacity for joy.

Lorie Adair

Plynn Gutman is a natural coach. She is kind, generous, intuitive, and always looking for what will best serve YOU. Plynn’s clients know two things: they are in safe hands, and even if they are not quite clear what their path is, with her help they will find their way.


“The experience was so rich … it took us all away from our daily routines and distractions … all we had to do was relax and reflect on ourselves, health, dreams, through thinking about the past, present and future.”
An excerpt from Hessa’s article on retreating in The Gulf News

Hessa, UAE

I knew I needed a break, but Your Liminal Space knew exactly what kind of break I needed. The week was intense and emotionally heavy, however, you’re left with a whole new understanding of yourself and how to live for you.

H. Abdalla, UAE

This was a very special experience – challenging and thought-provoking but also enormous fun. A wonderful way to step outside everyday life and explore one’s own boundaries in a supportive and professional environment.

Corinna E., England

Plynn and Elaine will meet you where you are and walk beside you for five days. By the time you leave, you are walking on different, stronger feet.

Celia, Peace Corp Volunteer, Botswana

I attended “Your Liminal Space” retreat in Manitoba in August 2011. The retreat provided a healing space for me at a time of grieving in my life. I found the setting in the midst of beautiful nature very nurturing. The retreat offered me the space I needed to heal. I found the group sessions very stimulating, and offered much food for thought. We were offered opportunities to paint and write and to reflect. Altogether a great experience.

Nargis Raza, UAE

It was a different experience in which you find yourself and come to know yourself better … I discovered that for all the unhappy matters that have happened in my life I’m not to be blame. I learned ways to mange my problems so that the heavy weight I was carrying on my shoulders for years became the lightest to handle. I can be at peace with myself and love myself – such happy moments that will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Fareeda, UAE

A wonderful 5 days of reflection and internal investigation, in a beautiful, natural, and loving environment. As the week went on, the group bonded, enhanced by our group discussions. I learned so much from the other women. I left with renewed energy to face some of my life issues and a feeling of bliss.

Barb Stevenson, Canada

The Your Liminal Space retreat was a remarkable experience, it was like a nurturing cocoon that you escaped to and explored yourself using a stimulating, safe and unique approach. I would highly recommend it.

Kathi S., Canada

My experience proved restorative beyond what I could have expected; it was, in a word, profound. The facilitators, experts in their fields, were dynamic and unflappable. Each activity, prompt, and free time block was carefully planned to flow into the next so no moment was wasted. We worked hard, and I saw results. I took away from the retreat a sense of freedom I hadn’t felt for some time, and I re-entered my life with clearer purpose and direction.

Kristen, USA

Your Liminal Space did just what I had hoped: provided me a safe, energizing and empowering space in which to explore, examine and reflect on myself, my path, my purpose, and my physicality in a comfortable environment and the company of like-minded individuals. It was a worthwhile journey of self-discovery guided by highly capable and caring facilitators. Thank you!

Susan Macaulay